BONK! EP 1: Ye Rustic Inn

BONK! EP 1: Ye Rustic Inn

by Daniel Noguera

BONK! is a series in which we hope to highlight all of our favorite food, drink, and snack spots around the city. These are the spots we frequent at the end of particularly treacherous efforts: where the light has gone, and where the bonk is dangerously close. 


 For our first installation, we wanted to highlight a favorite of ours at the end of any ride that concludes at Griffith. Just down Hillhurst Ave, not 1 mile from Griffith is Ye Rustic Inn, a dive bar opened in 1971 that specializes in hot wings, bar food, trivia nights, and karaoke. 

Our advice: sit at the patio, order the hot wings - extra crispy, thin fries, and a pitcher of whatever is on draft.


 Ye Rustic Inn