G27 is endurance sportswear designed in CA, responsibly manufactured in Portugal.
We are dedicated to culture, wellness, inclusivity through representation and design, and the preservation of our earth and our nature.

GRIN27 is about intention. Regardless of how it grows or changes over time, our objective will remain to keep the amount of new product we manufacture at a hard cap, releasing only items that were made with intent, in small batches, and under ethical guidelines for both humans and for the planet.

Our products are made by humans who are treated fairly, and compensated fairly, and who work under not only humane but dignifying conditions. We source materials in sustainable ways, and work with factories that limit waste in every way that they can. There will always be ways to improve and innovate in these areas, and as we grow we are excited to continue to explore every way in which we can contribute to the new era of modern sustainable and purposeful fashion.
By us, for everyone... as long as you suffer!