SAFETY EDITIONS: Griffith Park From East LA

SAFETY EDITIONS: Griffith Park From East LA

by Daniel Noguera

When I first started riding, I found it immeasurably difficult to get around LA in a way that felt safe and accessible. Over the years, I’ve compiled a laundry list of short cuts, detours, and locals-only shoots that have allowed me to piece together rides spanning LA proper while still maintaining a threshold of safety from cars and pedestrians alike.

This series is a mission to disseminate this information and help LA riders and commuters (especially new ones) stay safe.

If you have any cuts that you love to use to find bike lanes, avoid cars, traffic, or anything dangerous, please DM us so we can feature them.

Griffith Park Blvd. may seem like an obvious route, but it is hidden enough away behind sunset to elude the novice rider. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people mention they have started riding bikes, but feel like they have to drive to Griffith in order to get a work out.

GP BLVD is full of stop signs, has a very wide bike lane, and almost no traffic - regardless of the hour. Just watch out for a less than perfect road and a couple of pot holes.

Link to segment (GP FROM EAST LA):