USAL x GRIN27: Bike Mechanics Workshop by Cody Pham

by Daniel Noguera

Yesterday we opened the doors to a very important part of GRIN27’s initiative towards serving the developing endurance sports community here in LA. As we grow, so does our ability to empower folks to enter these spaces - and through the development of self-confidence in their tools and skills, we hope to further embolden those folks to build and define their own unique pockets of culture.

It’s a small first step, but one that begins to shape our long-standing relationship with education, community service, inclusivity, counter earth-death initiatives, and more.

Thank you Cody Pham // thank you Usal Project // thank you to everyone who bought tickets, your contributions will all be sent directly towards the amazing Los Angeles Bike Academy. Hope you learned a lot… On to the next one!