We Have No Place To Be 008: Griffith At Night

We Have No Place To Be 008: Griffith At Night

by Daniel Noguera

We Have No Place To Be: 008 Griffith At Night


Last week, I picked up a pack of donuts, and rode over to Griffith long after the sun had set to meet @coltonmil and @anonymous_agent for a very unique ride up Mt. Hollywood. Colton had originally pitched this idea to me, and I genuinely thought I knew what to expect; I mean its the same route I’ve done hundreds of times but… at night… right?

We rode through the park as usual, but upon reaching the fire road that takes you up the climb, we turned off all of our lights, and made our way up. Nothing could really have prepared me for the intrinsic magic of riding under the soft guidance of the moon’s light, the heightened sense of awareness and focus that comes from not having your vision, and the rush that comes from being deep in nature without your usual bearing.

Honestly, Colton said it best, so I’ll leave the explanation to him.

A huge thank you to you both for a genuinely amazing experience, and a lot of laughs. Does anyone know someone who smiles more than @anonymous_agent ?



The Mt. Hollywood climb is one of the few places in the city where riding without lights isn’t a death sentence. At first riding by feel, quickly the eyes adjust to the road, but everything else falls to darkness. Every little rustle in the bushes is amplified. This is one of the reasons LA is special. There aren’t many cities where you can be humbled by nature well within city limits. My gym, my subway, my church 🐼💜 - Colton


As always - use extreme caution when riding at night, especially in LA. Use as many lights as possible, stay off busy roads, and if possible, just drive to Griffith to avoid being on the road. Stay safe

Route: Griffith At Night