We Have No Place To Be 009: Runyon to Hollywood Sign

We Have No Place To Be 009: Runyon to Hollywood Sign

by Daniel Noguera

We Have No Place To Be 009: Runyon to Hollywood Sign

We Have No Place To Be is large scale initiative to compile all of the best rides in LA (and eventually further) as told to us by riders themselves; an essentials guidebook for all new riders, experienced riders, or just humans who are new to this city.  LA has so much good riding... you just have to know where to look. 

This week's ride is brought to you by the ever-bright Mary. The rides we do take on the personalities of the hosts who show them to me, and this ride was just like Mary: it was full of sunshine, laughs, some quiet peace, and hard climbs. Here's what she has to say about this ride: 

My first time up Runyon was when Joni was in town and planned a morning ride with Panda and some of their longtime dearest friends together. Panda had been spending so much time showing me and many new cyclists where to ride in LA, so it was heartwarming to watch him at ease and laugh in the company of some “OG” homies.

I’m further grateful I was allowed to crash this boys ride, otherwise who knows how much longer it would’ve taken for me to find this awesome little climb, with views and dogs and no cars! - Mary

Route: https://www.strava.com/activities/7850434098